Where I Stand

We need a leader who will protect Alaskans’ way of life and fight for what we Alaskans need and deserve: affordable and effective healthcare for all, a thriving and sustainable economy with good paying jobs, and a high-quality public education from birth. I believe I am that leader and that is why I am running to represent Alaska in Congress.

I know first-hand the challenges working families face in Alaska. I have led students, parents, educators, and communities across the state to advance and strengthen our public education system. I have worked alongside you in restaurants, small and large businesses to make ends meet for my family.

I am not a politician, and never expected to be one. But I am frustrated by the lack of solutions coming out of Washington, by the constant partisan bickering and backbiting, and I know that I can do it better. I will bring to the job an open heart, an open mind, and the Alaska values of community and working together to get things done. I will work with all sides, build coalitions, and pass inclusive legislation, fighting for all Alaskan families.

I hope you’ll take a moment to read about where I stand on many of the issues important to Alaskans. In the months ahead on this campaign, l will listen to voters and work with community leaders around Alaska to consolidate ideas, and will release further policy proposals as part of our plan for Alaska’s future.

Jobs and Stimulating Alaska’s Economy

Health and wellness

High quality public education from birth

Responsible Oil and Gas Production

Climate Change and Protecting Alaska’s Natural Environment