Why I'm Running

I’m a lifelong Alaskan ready to put partisan politics aside and find real solutions to the challenges we face. It’s time we had a Representative who is Of the People and For the People. I’ve been a grassroots organizer, a working mom, and fierce advocate for public education. It’s time for a new voice in Washington: our voice.

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Health and Wellness

Everyone deserves quality, comprehensive healthcare without worrying, as my family did, that they will not be able to pay for the care they need. Comprehensive healthcare must include coverage for illness and injury and also coverage for preventative care, maternal and reproductive care, mental health, vision, and dental. I know we can get there.


Jobs, Economic Development & Diversification

It’s time for Alaskans to start thriving again — not just struggling to get by. That means jobs that have real wage growth, pay a family can live on and quality benefits. In Congress, I will work for policies that help diversify the Alaskan economy and create new opportunities for generations to come.


Cradle-to-Career Education

Every person in Alaska deserves a first-rate education that helps them realize their potential, seize the opportunity and raise the next great generation of Alaskans. I’m the mom of four kids educated by Alaska public schools. I became a leader of Great Alaska Schools because I was tired of seeing our state’s public education funding on the chopping block year after year, and it’s what led me to ultimately run for Congress. As your representative, I will fight for policies that strengthen our education system and allow our economy to thrive into the future.


Safety & Security

Everywhere I go in Alaska, I hear from people that they feel unsafe in their homes, in their businesses and their communities. Anchorage is battling violent crime and property crime like never before. Rural Alaska is struggling to keep our communities safe without adequate law enforcement officers. The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis that’s driving up crime. Globally, we lack a foreign policy that makes Americans feel secure and well-protected. Finally, our financial well-being is threatened by proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Alaska needs more from our leaders to strengthen our safety and security.


Climate Change and Protecting Alaska’s Natural Environment

Alaska is ground zero for the negative effects of global climate change. Across Alaska the crisis is undeniable – rising temperatures, coastal erosion, melting permafrost, and broken ice on our river systems. These effects threaten the daily life of communities across our state, but our current representative refuses to come home, look around and see these facts.