Thank You

Alaskans across our state have stepped up to make themselves heard. Even though the election’s outcome is disappointing, I’m humbled and I’m grateful.

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Alaskans across our state have stepped up to make themselves heard. Even though the outcome is disappointing, I’m humbled and I’m grateful.

To all those who knocked on a door, gave a dollar, called a voter, put up a yard sign, nourished our team with homemade meals, and talked to your neighbors — there was nothing random about your acts of kindness.

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Words cannot express my gratitude to you for believing in not only me, a first-time candidate and grassroots community leader, but also believing in a shared vision for Alaska’s future — one where all of us will want to live here, raise our families here, and show the rest of the country that we can lead with compassion and civility.

This past year has been a never-ending fight to bring our government back to the people. From Juneau to Nome, from Bethel to Kotzebue, from Cordova to Fort Yukon, we elevated the voices of thousands of Alaskans. This is just the beginning. I’m as hopeful as I have ever been about the state I love so much, that we can create a stronger future for all of us, no matter our political party. 

There is still work to be done. I chose to run for a mom who needed to ensure her kids had a safe place to go to after school. I chose to run for an elder who had to ration her medicines, because she couldn’t afford them. I chose to run for children and adults living with disabilities, who need Medicaid to survive and thrive. I chose to run for our youth, who fear that they’ll never get to go to college, get training, or find a job that they can feel good about. I chose to run for the 229 tribes in Alaska who have never stopped fighting for their way of life.

It’s so easy to feel frustrated, but the last thing I want is for Alaskans to lose hope. Please don’t believe that a few thousand votes means that we failed to accomplish change for our state. We motivated Alaskans to vote for the very first time in their lives. We engaged villages and towns who have felt forgotten, and reminded them that they are valued. We successfully challenged citizens to think about Alaska’s future, and to have hope that our government could be led by those who will fight tooth and nail to protect and empower all Alaskans.

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This campaign has been about so much more than politics. It’s been about the beating heart of Alaskans and our love for this state and our neighbors. I am forever grateful to every single one of you for making this possible.

I believe in the power of our Alaskan communities. We can do something with this movement we’ve built and whatever we do with this collective energy, it will only make us stronger than the forces that divide us. Now more than ever, it is urgent that we show up, and I promise to continue to show up for our state and our nation. 

I hope that you’ll join me.



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