The strength of our economy begins with strong education for all Alaskans. But we aren’t doing everything we can at the federal level to invest in our children. Only one-third of our kids are prepared for Kindergarten — the national average is twice that. Alaska currently has the lowest public investment in Pre-K. Alaska doesn’t get the flexibility it needs to best use federal K-12 education funding. And leaders I’ve met within Alaska’s construction and building trades are worried there won’t be enough qualified new workers to offset the workers who are retiring.

Every person in Alaska deserves a first-rate education that helps them realize their potential, seize the opportunity and raise the next great generation of Alaskans. I’m the mom of four kids educated by Alaska public schools. I became a leader of Great Alaska Schools because I was tired of seeing our state’s public education funding on the chopping block year after year, and it’s what led me to ultimately run for Congress. As your representative, I will fight for policies that strengthen our education system and allow our economy to thrive into the future.


  • Improve access to federal funds for pre-K education in Alaska, including Head Start and Early Head Start
  • Fight for legislation to improve our nation’s family leave, sick leave, child care assistance, nutritional support and programs that help parents support their child’s healthy development

+ K-12

  • Create incentives to educate highly-qualified teachers in Alaska and to keep them in our schools
  • Reduce governmental requirements on quality teachers’ time so they can focus on providing the best education for our kids
  • Ensure the federal government pays its promised 40% share of funding for education of students with disabilities instead of the 14-15% it’s paying today, allowing smaller class sizes and more opportunity for individualized education


  • Expand federal funding for vocational and technical education programs so the two-thirds of Alaskan young people who enter the workforce after high school are ready to start their careers
  • Promote and expand apprenticeship programs that provide intensive on-the-job training for jobs in construction and building trades. Apprenticeships expand work opportunities for veterans, Alaska Natives, and people transitioning back to the workforce from treatment or incarceration.


  • Fight to reduce the burden of student loan debt, which is crippling a generation of young people and keeping students from pursuing higher education
  • Fund our state’s university system as a global center for Arctic research studies and renewable energy
  • Reduce tuition costs, increase Pell Grant funding and expand opportunities for low-income and underrepresented students to go to college
  • Recruit and retain Alaska’s best and brightest in careers like teaching and healthcare by expanding tuition-free and loan forgiveness opportunities