What Voters need to know: 

Alyse Galvin is a mom and community leader, who has fought for Alaska families her whole career and is the leader of the non-partisan Great Alaska Schools, which brought parents and teachers, Democrats and Republicans together to invest in schools. Alyse is an independent, endorsed by the Democratic party, who knows strong education, jobs with good wages, and affordable health care are the keys to growing our economy. In Congress, Alyse will drop the partisan battles and deliver results for Alaskan families by working for solutions to our toughest problems and standing up for Alaska’s interests

Unfortunately, Don Young isn’t working for Alaska anymore, he’s looking out for himself. He takes lobbyist cash and then earmarks funds to benefit out-of-state campaign donors – including 10 million dollars to widen a Florida interstate. Young’s become part of the Washington swamp: he accepted 60,000 dollars in international hunting and golf trips, private plane rides, fancy meals, and other gifts. He is only willing to talk to his own party and donors.