In Congress, I will fight hard for rural families and their rights. During this campaign, I have met voters across rural Alaska, including in Kotzebue, Bethel, Kwethluk, Napaskiak, Dillingham and Nome. As your Congresswoman, I pledge to visit as many rural communities as can during my tenure. As your Congresswoman, I will bring more infrastructure and low-cost energy to rural Alaska and will fight for rights to subsistence and public safety.

+ Economic Development

  • Directing federal funding and resources to fight the damaging effects of climate change in villages and rural communities.
  • Federal investment in infrastructure for our Alaska Native communities is key. We can lower energy costs through development of low-cost, local energy sources and improving energy efficiency. We also need more investment in broadband internet, so that all of Alaska can participate in the digital economy. We need to reduce transportation costs by improving our ports, roads, and airports across Alaska.
  • We can help transform our economy by listening to Alaska Native concerns and learning from Alaska Native innovation.
  • We must ensure that all people have access to adequate basic and affordable necessities like water, affordable heating, and broadband internet. Energy costs are sky-high in rural Alaska and focused investment by Congress can help bring down these costs.
  • Slow internet in rural Alaska prevents our communities from fully participating in the global economy. Consistent access across Alaska to broadband internet is critical to ensuring equity across our state. I will advocate for increased funding for broadband infrastructure in rural Alaska.

+ Public Safety

  • Strengthening public safety in rural Alaska, including increased federal funding to combat drug, alcohol and opioid abuse, as well as domestic violence and sexual abuse.
  • The rate of sexual abuse of Alaska Native women is a statewide crisis that must be addressed by Congress. I will work to ensure that the Violence Against Women Act(VAWA) is reauthorized and strengthened in later iterations, strengthening tribal courts’ authority to process offenders.

+ Subsistence

  • Maintaining subsistence rights is critical to the well-being of our rural and urban Alaska Native communities. As your Congresswoman, I will stand up for subsistence rights in Congress and will work at the federal level to protect them from encroachment or limitation.
  • I support efforts to allow for enhanced tribal management of subsistence resources, including more involved co-management, recognizing that Alaska Native peoples and organization have the the knowledge and skills to manage resources, like they have for thousands of years.

+ Tribal Sovereignty

  • I believe our 229 federally recognized tribes in Alaska must be seen and treated as sovereign, and the federal government must work to help empower tribal governments to be able to deliver services to their members.
  • Advocate for increased tribal participation in natural resource management
  • I will fight to give Alaska Native communities a stronger voice in deciding issues of land usage, public safety and economic development. In Congress, I would oppose any federal efforts to re-examine Alaska Native authority in villages and rural lands.