Alyse Galvin Campaign Verifying the Accuracy of the Campaign’s F.E.C. Reports

June 15, 2018

At an Anchorage candidate forum for Congressional candidates running in the Alaska Democratic primary, our opponent made a false statement that the Alyse For Alaska campaign had not fully disclosed the names and employers of every donor of $200 or more as required by federal law. This is absolutely untrue.

The FEC requires every candidate for federal office file quarterly reports listing the full name, address and employer of every contributor who gives more than $200 and our campaign’s filings include all of that information. The FEC further requires that for any contribution earmarked for a candidate through any conduit like ActBlue, that we report the name of the conduit, the business address of the conduit, the date of the receipt and the total amount of earmarked contributions included in the candidate’s report. Our campaign has reported all ActBlue contributions and contributions from any other conduits in compliance with federal law.

Alyse takes her responsibility to follow federal law in her FEC reporting very seriously and will continue to hold herself and this campaign to the highest legal and ethical standards. Alyse believes Alaskans deserve honesty and transparency from their candidates and elected officials, which is why she is running for Congress. She does not take corporate PAC money and 99% of her contributions came from individuals.

Alyse For Alaska’s complete FEC report can be reviewed at the link: