Q&A with Democratic Congressional candidate Alyse Galvin

By Matt Hickman – Jul 11, 2018

Don Young is the oldest and the longest-serving Representative in the U.S. Congress. Alaska Democrats are 0-for-22 in trying to knock him out of his long-held perch, but this time around there is reason for optimism as a crowded field led by a well organized and relatively well funded activist for education-turned candidate takes aim.

Last week, I caught up with frontrunner Alyse Galvin at her Spenard campaign headquarters, buzzing with millennial volunteers staffers, most of them women, to talk about her thoughts on the primary, the challenges in unseating Don Young and what bounce she expects from what many think will be a wave election, driven in large part by first-time female candidates for national office, such as herself.

For the complete article please visit:  AnchoragePress

For the complete article please visit: AnchoragePress

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