Native Peoples Action Endorses Alyse Galvin

October 28, 2018

ANCHORAGE, AK- Native Peoples Action strives to protect our traditional ways of life, to uplift our culture and language, and to make sure our voices are heard on every level of policy making. It is important that we have elected officials who will stand up for our people, work across party lines to do the right thing for Alaskans, work with tribes and Alaska Natives to address our concerns and fight to ensure we can continue to hunt and fish on our lands. We need leadership over partisanship. We need someone who will listen and carry our words back to Washington, DC. We need Alyse Galvin.

Alyse has proven to be a leader through her dedication to improve education in Alaska. She took leadership to create a grassroots effort to call out policymakers who continued to cut education and pink slip our teachers year after year.

Alyse comes to listen. She has proven through the course of this campaign that she is here to learn about the issues facing rural Alaska and listen to the people in the communities. Our communities know how to honor the gifts of the land, sea and air - we have been doing it for thousands of years, we do not need people in Washington, DC to tell us how to manage our traditional ways of life through hunting and fishing. There is so much Government can learn from the first peoples of this land. We appreciate that Alyse is taking the time to learn about our issues and is willing to be our voice in DC.

Alyse is committed to supporting health and wellness in our communities. She has expressed the importance of prevention as a key factor in addressing healthy communities. Alyse has stated that, “Alaska Natives’ access to Alaska Native cultures, languages, foods and plants is preventative medicine. Investing in programs that promote Alaska Natives ways of living will help prevent health problems before they begin. In many cases, the federal government needs to better support tribes to be able to deliver these services to their tribal citizens.”

Alyse has come out strong for enhanced funding for public safety and to allow tribes and communities to be a part of the solution. Alyse supports more Village Public Safety Officers across Alaska. We can no longer continue to deprive communities of basic public safety measures.

Native Peoples Action pledges our full support for Alyse Galvin to be our next Congresswoman for Alaska. We have confidence in her ability to protect our traditional values, work with Alaska Native people to ensure our voices are heard, and work hard to enhance services for health, wellness, public safety, and education.

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