Letter: Give Alyse a chance

Mary Kancewick, Chugiak – September 26

Letter to the editor: I attended the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce's "Make It Monday" candidate forum. It was the first face-off of Alaska's U.S. Congressional candidates, the 40-plus-year Republican incumbent Don Young and independent challenger Alyse Galvin. The contrast between the pouty old man and the courageous woman in red who was calling him out was clear.

This is how Young defended his record and positions against Galvin's challenges: "I doubt I'll hear anything else other than how bad I am. Right now, what I'm hearing is … about how bad I am. It means apparently everybody in this room has been bad, too, because you voted for me."

Young made clownish faces and physically pointed his finger at Galvin as she spoke. He called her his "so-called opponent." He called her "nasty." He stood and glad-handed a latecomer as she spoke. Please, let's not re-elect this rude buffoon. Please let's give the smart, earnest, hardworking woman a chance.

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