Opinion: Send Alyse Galvin to Congress

Linda Kruger, Juneau – September 27

Letter to the editor: I would like to share my enthusiastic support for Alyse Galvin for Congress. We definitely need a change in our representation in Washington, D.C. and Galvin is my hope for more responsible, accountable representation for Alaska and Alaskans in the House of Representatives. Over the past few years Galvin has been a frequent visitor to Juneau as she has tirelessly educated us on the issues and has fought for funding and positive change for education and support for children in Alaska. She is well versed in working with elected officials on making positive change. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know her and members of her family. I am convinced that Galvin will represent our interests with respect to education, jobs and the economy, health care — with special attention to women’s and children’s issues and those with pre-existing conditions. As an older Alaskan I appreciate her stance on protecting medicare and social security — both under attack and safety for seniors and low-income residents. Galvin also understands the important role that Planned Parenthood plays in providing critical health care services including cancer and STI screenings, vaccinations and wellness visits. Galvin understands the need of Alaskans. Please join me in voting for positive change and sending her to Congress.

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