Letter: We need Galvin

Kevin Banks, Anchorage – October 10

Letter to the editor: I've known Alyse Galvin for a long time. Our kids went to the same schools, her husband and I were co-workers, and over the years our families have become friends. I want you to know why she'll be a great congresswoman for Alaska.

Alyse has qualities that I most admire: honesty, integrity, generosity and kindness. Maybe these are not qualities that we usually associate with politicians driven by ambition and ego but aren't these qualities that we should demand of them? These are not signs of weakness either.

I've never seen Alyse lose sight of her role when working for those who have put their trust in her. She has the backbone and fortitude and persistence to advocate for her constituents and the patience to deal with others who fail to recognize her strength.

Send her to Congress and she'll soon be known by the 434 other representatives there as someone to be reckoned with. They will recognize that she serves those who elected her and not special interest groups or lobbyists. We know that Alaska is a state with a small population but we fight above our weight. Not only because of our contribution to the national economy, our unique Alaskan outlook, our strategic geography, and our relationship with nature and resource development, but because we share with millions in the Lower 48, the same weariness of the political life in Washington. When Alyse gets to Washington, her fellow congressmen and women will know what power she wields by her commitment to us.

The tide is turning in America and it's time for leaders who see it coming. We've had enough of the rancorous, divisive and disrespectful talk in Washington. We need progress. We need Alyse Galvin for Congress.

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