Galvin running against Young in Nov. election

Sara Tewksbury— AUGUST 25, 2018

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - After Tuesday's primary election, Alyse Galvin is now the democratic nominee on the ballot in November for the U.S. House of Representatives. Although Alyse Galvin is an independent, she was able to run in the Democratic primary, gaining their nomination and now is Don Young's only challenger in November.

"I am the candidate that is listening. I am the candidate that knows how to get to solutions. I believe in coming together in a bipartisan way that gets us to getting something done," said Galvin.

Galvin has been traveling around the state listening to resident's concerns.

"We all have concerns around public safety, healthcare as I mentioned, making sure that we're getting jobs with livable wages, with wage growth, so that we don't feel so stagnant, we want to see our kids feel hope that when they come here and raise their kids here. They're going to have a chance at all of those things, the job, housing, healthcare, those are all things that every Alaskan throughout in rural and urban cares about," said Galvin.

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