Alyse Galvin Drums Up Support for Congressional Bid with Stop in Homer


This past weekend, long-time Alaskan - and current U.S. congressional candidate - Alyse Galvin and her campaign staff visited Homer to discuss her undeclared-nonpartisan campaign for Alaska's sole congressional seat. Galvin and her staff participated in five events to provide Homer voters with a variety of opportunities to meet her and answer questions. Friday events included informal get-togethers at Two Sisters Bakery and KBay Caffe, a meeting with nonprofit organizations at Cook Inlet Keeper and an evening meet and greet pizza party at the private residence of Liz and Ron Downing. On Saturday, Galvin and her staff participated in a town hall type event, hosted by the non-partisan Homer-based Citizens Action Network (CAN), where she spoke for about half an hour and then fielded questions from approximately 50 attendees. Four of Galvin's five events were widely advertised and open to the public. The Cook Inlet Keeper meeting was for nonprofit organizations and designed as an invitation event in order to focus on nonprofit issues.

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