Your State-by-State Guide to Women Running in the Midterms

Jill Filipovic — October 21st, 2018

If Alyse Galvin wins her congressional race, she will unseat the House’s longest-serving member (Don Young, 85, who has held his seat for 45 years). Galvin is already the first independent candidate to represent the Democratic Party in a general election after winning the Democratic primary, and is set to represent, as she puts it, “a diverse Alaskan family of builders, butchers, bankers, mechanics, misfits and outlaws.”

Among her priorities: quality affordable health care, lower prescription drug prices, diversifying the economy, and public safety. “Not only does Alaska have the highest rates of sexual and domestic violence in the country, we also have whole communities with no law enforcement coverage,” says Galvin. “Considering this, plus our exploding healthcare costs and our economy's reliance on the price of a barrel of oil, Alaskans need bold, tenacious leadership in Washington to move our state forward.”

Galvin could also be the first woman Alaska sends to the House of Representatives—and perhaps the first trained classical music singer. “When I was a child, I grew up in a home with domestic violence, alcoholism, and abuse,” Galvin says. “But I turned to music and a community of singers to help lift me up. Now I try to do the same with others." Twenty years ago, Galvin starred in the Anchorage production of The Sound of Music as Maria. She's also a proud member of Sally's Kitchen: "a group of Alaskan moms who sing at events for kids to help instill the love of music in their hearts.”

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