Galvin Reminds Voters of Rep. Young's Harmful Voting Record at First Forum

September 17, 2018

(ANCHORAGE, AK) -- Alyse Galvin, Independent candidate for U.S. Congress, turned it up a notch against Rep. Don Young at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum this afternoon. The Forum was open to the public, but there was a minimum charge of $13 to attend.

“I was delighted to participate in the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum to better inform voters of their choices on Election Day, ” Alyse Galvin said. “Today’s gathering provided an opportunity to remind voters of Don Young’s disastrous Congressional voting record — one that includes stripping healthcare coverage from thousands of Alaskans, and risking our nation’s fiscal health with a bundle of tax cuts and giveaways for his corporate donors.”

“We are looking forward to future debates where attendees do not have to pay to attend, and the questions are not provided in advance,” added Galvin.

When Galvin pointed out Rep. Young’s harmful record on important pressing issues, such as protections for people with pre-existing conditions and seniors using Medicare, skyrocketing prices for prescription drugs, and Trump’s dangerous trade policies, Galvin’s opponent accused her of running an uncivilized campaign.

“I am amazed to listen to my so-called opponent when she’s already nasty,” Young said. “I thought this was gonna be a civilized campaign.” Later in the debate, he said, “I’ve been hearing about how bad I am. You may believe that, but look at the record.”

Alyse Galvin is a mom, a lifelong Alaskan, a community leader, and a former small business owner. A tireless advocate for education, she spent the last five years as a leader of Great Alaska Schools organizing parents, students, educators, and community leaders to protect public schools from massive budget cuts. In 2017, she led statewide opposition to the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education.

Alyse Galvin is an Independent and the Alaska Democratic Party’s nominee for U.S. Congress. Galvin will face Rep. Don Young in the general election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.