Statement Supporting Families Belong Together Rallies Across Alaska

June 30, 2018

Alyse Galvin, Independent Candidate Seeking the Democratic Nomination for Congress in Alaska, Today Made the Following Statement in Support of Families Belong Together:

“I am the mother of four children. From the moment my first child was born I knew I would do anything to protect him from harm. Today, thousands of mothers and fathers are without their child. They are without the security of knowing where their child is, they are without the safety of knowing if their child is okay, and they are without the certainty that they will ever see their child again.

As a mom, listening to the cries of children as they’re separated from their parents is unbearable. There is no just explanation for the cries of horror we’ve heard or the horrendous living conditions we’ve seen. Children should never be treated as pawns and it has become clear that this inhumane policy is a negotiating ploy to secure Trump’s border wall. This is unconscionable.

What is happening at our border today is tragic and a man who defends it is unfit to represent Alaska. Congress must act now. If Don Young cannot serve the will of Alaskans over the will of Trump then it is time for a leader who can. I am ready to represent Alaska with strength and with respect for all people.”