Opinion: Alyse listens to Alaskans

Carol Ford— Homer and Nikiski

What does it take to understand and serve the diverse needs and well-being of Alaskans in a rapidly-changing world? It takes what it has always taken: time, energy, thought, a listening ear and an open, creative mind. It also takes miles and miles of travel.

Only one candidate asking to represent you in Washington, D.C., has taken that time, expended that energy and thought, employed that listening ear and offered Alaskans an open, creative mind for today and for the future.

She has traveled the miles and miles. Alyse Galvin cares enough about Alaskans to do this work, and she's ready to take our voice to Washington. Instead of voting for huge cuts to children's health care, Alyse is an advocate for solutions to improve health and wellness, stabilize the healthcare system, lower costs and expand coverage for children and adults.

Alyse is an advocate for stronger, smarter education for all, and for jobs that will strengthen Alaska's resilience in the face of change while protecting those occupations grounded in historic and prehistoric relationships with our Great Land and its powerful natural provisions.

It's time for a "new Alyse on life" in Alaska. Vote Alyse Galvin.

Source: Bristol Bay Times

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