OPINION: Galvin will change trend of political corruption

Susan B. Andrews, Kotzebue – October 15

For too long, Washington, D.C., has been serving big special interests, and not the American people, including Alaskans? Rather than voting for a person or a party in the upcoming election in November, why not send a strong message to our nation's capital by voting to change the culture of corruption?

Alyse Galvin is running for the U.S. House of Representatives. She is not beholden to any political party. Galvin is running as an independent.

More importantly, she is not accepting any corporate PAC money. With Washington awash in corporate campaign contributions, Alaskans can do something different this time: elect a candidate who is looking out for all Alaskans and say no to the corrupt practices that control our government.

Washington needs candidates who can find common ground with people from both parties, and help return civility to our public discourse.

We cannot afford to have candidates who use bombastic, boastful and inappropriate language that divides people rather than brings them together. Galvin speaks with the kind of voice that shows respect for others. She also displays decency in how she is conducting her campaign. Isn't it time to restore decency to politics?

Finally, we can look to Galvin as a role model for our families by observing how she raised her own four children, who all learned the value of service from their mother.

If you want change in Washington, please cast your vote for Galvin this Nov. 6.

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