Candidates Trade Barbs in Race for Sole House Seat in Alaska

Mark Thiessen— October 31, 2018

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Independent Alyse Galvin says her 85-year-old, Republican opponent is no longer an effective advocate for the sole U.S. House district in Alaska.

Incumbent Don Young counters by touting his 45 years in the House — the longest current tenure among members — as a boon for Alaska. He calls Galvin inexperienced and claims she would side with the most liberal part of the Democratic party.

Those are some of the nicest things they have said about each other ahead of the election Tuesday that could impact whether the GOP keeps control of the House.

A win by Galvin, who has never held public office, would make her the first woman to be elected to the Alaska seat that Young has held for about three-fourths of the time Alaska has been a state.

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