Statement Supporting Families Belong Together Rallies Across Alaska

June 30, 2018

Alyse Galvin, Independent Candidate Seeking the Democratic Nomination for Congress in Alaska, Today Made the Following Statement in Support of Families Belong Together:

“I am the mother of four children. From the moment my first child was born I knew I would do anything to protect him from harm. Today, thousands of mothers and fathers are without their child. They are without the security of knowing where their child is, they are without the safety of knowing if their child is okay, and they are without the certainty that they will ever see their child again.

As a mom, listening to the cries of children as they’re separated from their parents is unbearable. There is no just explanation for the cries of horror we’ve heard or the horrendous living conditions we’ve seen. Children should never be treated as pawns and it has become clear that this inhumane policy is a negotiating ploy to secure Trump’s border wall. This is unconscionable.

What is happening at our border today is tragic and a man who defends it is unfit to represent Alaska. Congress must act now. If Don Young cannot serve the will of Alaskans over the will of Trump then it is time for a leader who can. I am ready to represent Alaska with strength and with respect for all people.”


Alyse Galvin Endorsed by State's Largest Teacher's Union

June 28, 2018

NEA-Alaska, Affiliate of the National Education Association, Represents More Than 13,000 Members Working In Alaska’s Public Schools

Today, NEA-Alaska announced its official endorsement of Alyse Galvin, an Independent candidate running for Congress in the Alaska Democratic Primary. NEA-Alaska is the state’s largest advocacy organization representing public school employees and works to ensure a quality public education for every Alaskan child.

“I am incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of NEA-Alaska to represent our great state in Congress,” Alyse Galvin said. “There is no issue more important than making sure every child has a first-rate education to help them realize their potential, seize opportunity and raise the next great generation of Alaskans. My four children were all educated by Alaska public schools, so I know first-hand how important it is to have leaders working to support the success of Alaska kids. That’s why I was a leader in Great Alaska Schools, a grassroots movement that protected education funding in Alaska and continues to advocate for students, parents, educators and our communities. As Alaska’s Representative, I will be a champion for public education and will never stop fighting for the resources and policies our schools need.”

“NEA-Alaska endorses candidates for political office based on their dedication and commitment to public education,” said Tim Parker, President of NEA-Alaska. “The NEA-Alaska Political Action Committee (PACE) is proud to offer our support and endorsement to Alyse Galvin for the U.S. House of Representatives. Alyse has been a tireless advocate for public schools and a strong voice for educators. We have great confidence that Alyse will bring her enthusiasm and energy to Congress and continue to do what’s best for Alaska students.”

In addition to her leadership at Great Alaska Schools, Alyse worked to expand early childhood education for Alaskan kids at the public-private partnership Best Beginnings. Alyse went on to serve two governors in their efforts to improve the state’s public schools.

The Alaska Democratic Primary is Tuesday, August 21, 2018. The winner of the primary will face incumbent Rep. Don Young in the general election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.


Alyse Galvin Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Janus Decision

June 28, 2018

Alyse Galvin, Independent Candidate Seeking the Democratic Nomination for Congress in Alaska, Today Made the Following Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Janus v. AFSCME:

“The U.S. Supreme Court today launched a direct attack on our nation’s unions. The decision in the Janus case is a massive blow to workers, teachers, nurses and almost 60,000 Alaskans who are members of or represented by unions. This will especially hurt women and people of color in the workforce.

“Today’s ruling is just one more example of our government favoring powerful special interests over the people. Justice Kennedy’s retirement will make it even more difficult for working people to get fair treatment in our system. Where is Don Young? If he really stood for workers he’d be speaking out.

“We need change. We need it now. Send me to Congress to fight for what’s right.”


Alyse Galvin Campaign Verifying the Accuracy of the Campaign’s F.E.C. Reports

June 15, 2018

At an Anchorage candidate forum for Congressional candidates running in the Alaska Democratic primary, our opponent made a false statement that the Alyse For Alaska campaign had not fully disclosed the names and employers of every donor of $200 or more as required by federal law. This is absolutely untrue.

The FEC requires every candidate for federal office file quarterly reports listing the full name, address and employer of every contributor who gives more than $200 and our campaign’s filings include all of that information. The FEC further requires that for any contribution earmarked for a candidate through any conduit like ActBlue, that we report the name of the conduit, the business address of the conduit, the date of the receipt and the total amount of earmarked contributions included in the candidate’s report. Our campaign has reported all ActBlue contributions and contributions from any other conduits in compliance with federal law.

Alyse takes her responsibility to follow federal law in her FEC reporting very seriously and will continue to hold herself and this campaign to the highest legal and ethical standards. Alyse believes Alaskans deserve honesty and transparency from their candidates and elected officials, which is why she is running for Congress. She does not take corporate PAC money and 99% of her contributions came from individuals.

Alyse For Alaska’s complete FEC report can be reviewed at the link:

Challenger raises substantial sum in bid to unseat Don Young

Liz Ruskin- April 16, 2018

Federal campaign finance reports show a well-funded challenger is trying to unseat Congressman Don Young in November.

Independent candidate Alyse Galvin of Anchorage raised $284,000 in the first three months of the year, the first filing period since her campaign began.

To find another Don Young challenger who raised that much at this stage in the race, you have to go back to Ethan Berkowitz’s run in 2008. (He raised slightly less during the first quarter of 2008, but had raised a total of $400,000 by the end of March, counting contributions from 2007.)

Galvin raised more than double what Young brought in during the first quarter. But Young raises money almost continuously, even in non-election years. The Republican incumbent has raked in nearly $600,000 for the 2018 election.

To read the full article please visit: Alaska Public Media

Congressional Candidate Alyse Galvin embraces Cama-i

Vicki Turner Malone- March 21, 2018

This year Alyse Galvin, who is running against Don Young for Alaska’s one Congressional seat, came to Cama-i at the invitation of several Democratic women in Bethel. I watched Alyse as she moved among us, as she sat eyes glued to the dancers, as she engaged with high school students who disclosed their concerns. She returned to Drew’s room, noting more people had posted names on the board and had a thoughtful discussion with Paul O’Brien and his daughter, Haley about suicide prevention.

I listened to her values around education, health care, her common sense ideas around school safety without taking our guns away. I came to realize she stepped up to the plate, not to make herself great, but because she believes in the need to change the rhetoric and policies of the party of Don Young. Perhaps it is time to come together as she says, to bond to a person who will represent our values.

 For the full article please visit:  Delta Discovery

For the full article please visit: Delta Discovery