Jobs and Stimulating Alaska’s Economy

My first priority is to help create the jobs of Alaska’s future. Responsible natural resource development will continue to be central, especially as our nation weans off foreign oil sources. But we must take real and robust action to diversify and drive job growth into different industries across the state.

Alaskans face many of the same hardships workers do in the forgotten states around our country. Too many Alaskans are struggling to find work or aren’t getting the wage growth they need to keep up with the rising cost of living. In Congress, I will champion legislation that will help our small businesses thrive and encourage innovations, responsibly develop our natural resources, enhance educational opportunities, bolster the Arctic economy and infrastructure, support our military bases, promote innovation and expansion of technology, and champion rural economic development.

Some of the areas I will pursue in Congress include:

  • Expand Arctic shipping and tourism by investing in Arctic navigational infrastructure

  • Strengthen our vocational and technical schools so that Alaskans are ready for the jobs of the future

  • Invest in infrastructure and safety to improve our roads, ferries, and ports

  • Improve Alaska’s broadband networks so Alaskans across the state can access high growth internet-based careers and educational opportunities

  • Support Net Neutrality and open access to the internet

  • Direct federal research funds to Alaska’s universities and innovative tech sectors

  • Expand tax credits for entrepreneurial small businesses

  • Expand Pell Grants, allow students to refinance student loan debt, and support early education initiatives such as Head Start

  • Pass equal pay for equal work legislation

  • Protect our military bases from budget cuts, and advocate for expanding strategic utilization of Alaska’s military facilities

  • Advocate for expanding Coast Guard presence in the Arctic waters