Climate Change and Protecting Alaska’s Natural Environment

Alaska is one of the world’s most unique and valuable natural environments. It is our duty to protect these natural treasures not only for ourselves, but for future generations. We are also at the knife’s edge experiencing the impacts of global climate change. The effects of a changing climate are undeniable across Alaska – rising temperatures, coastal erosion, melting permafrost, and broken ice on our river systems. These effects threaten the daily life of communities across our state, but our current representative refuses to come home, look around, and see these facts.

We must be ahead on climate technology and adaptation and advocate fighting climate change to the rest of the country. Alaska should lead in creating jobs and inexpensive energy by being early adopters of efficient renewable energy. We have tremendous geothermal, wind, and tidal resources and a strong need in rural communities for low-cost energy solutions. We should be investing in and developing these technologies ourselves rather than waiting for the world to sell them to us later.

I support responsible natural resource development, including oil and gas, mining, timber, and fisheries. I am opposed to the Pebble Mine Project and will protect our Southeast fisheries from risks associated with transboundary mines. I believe Alaska has strong environmental protections, and I support efforts to establish state primacy on federal regulatory issues, where appropriate.