Alyse Galvin is a mom, an Alaskan, a community leader, and a fighter for working families across our state.

A tireless advocate for education, Alyse spent the past four years as a leader of Great Alaska Schools, organizing parents, students, educators, and communities to fight for our kids and protect our schools. 

Alyse knows strong public education, jobs with wage growth, and access to affordable healthcare are the keys to growing the vibrant economy of the future for our families. 

Alyse’s family first came to Alaska to serve in World War II. She grew up here in a diverse Alaskan family of builders, butchers, bankers, mechanics, misfits, and outlaws. Both her parents struggled with addictions, and life was not easy. Alyse started working when she was eight years old. With her resilience and grit, she has never wavered in her spirit to help others in her family and community. She’s been active in schools, churches, and in neighborhoods throughout her life.

Alyse worked her way through college with a myriad of jobs: manager of a copy shop, healthcare worker, and waitress. She then ventured to own two successful small businesses before moving back to Alaska with her husband.

As a new mom, she taught in community school and was a substitute teacher in K-12 classes. Alyse worked a number of jobs, including manager and director of convention services at a large hotel, before steering her career toward her passion for strong public education. 

Alyse worked for Best Beginnings to expand early childhood learning opportunities. She was hired by the Governor’s office to work with rural and urban districts to grow a stronger connection between families and schools, connect students to community service, and strengthen early and K-12 literacy. 

In 2014, frustrated by years of public school underfunding and facing renewed threats, Alyse joined a small group of parents to resist new budget cuts. From that small beginning, Great Alaska Schools grew into a grassroots force of thousands across Alaska, forcing lawmakers and governors to take their demands seriously, restore funding, and act to improve public education. Alyse has been a leader of the Great Alaska Schools movement, serving as a passionate advocate for quality public education for every child in Alaska.

She’s the proud parent of 4 amazing kids raised here in Alaska. Like any parent, Alyse wants to build an environment that will allow all young adults to succeed to the best of their abilities, and have a place for the jobs of the future here in Alaska.

As Alaska’s representative in Congress, Alyse will put partisan politics aside and be an independent voice that fights for all Alaskans. She knows that it’s time to fix the mess that is our healthcare system, build an innovative economy for jobs, and tackle the opioid epidemic that is tearing apart our communities.

Alyse has spent her life bringing people together to solve problems, fighting for our communities, and standing up for Alaska’s future – and that’s what she’ll do in Washington.

She is an independent candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for Congress in Alaska's At-large District.